Red Lion Student Tour

On December 14th, James CRAFT & Son had the good fortune to host Red Lion High School juniors and seniors for an information session and tour.  Kimberly Morris, Career Coordinator for Red Lion Area School District, identified seven students interest in Careers in Construction to visit our facility.

During their visit the students learned about the history of James CRAFT & Son, the career opportunities available at our organization, what it takes to work in the construction field, and (most importantly) found out about the Apprenticeship Program opportunities available through James CRAFT & Son.

The students were able to witness firsthand some of the operations at CRAFT while taking tours of our Pre-Fab and Sheet Metal Shops as well as our Drafting Department.


After the tour the student sat down for a question and answer session.

It was a great day for everyone involved.

James CRAFT & Son offers tours to student groups throughout the year.

If your student group is interested in a visit, please contact Jessica Craft Schlosberg at any time.

Junior Achievement YES! Event at Central York Middle School

Recently three of us had the pleasure and privilege of volunteering at Central York Middle School’s YES! event on Friday, December 1st!  It was a large event with more than 1,000 students reached in just a few hours.  It was a lot of fun (and rewarding) to interact with the 7th and 8th grade students.  Thanks to Randy Doxzon and Andrew Snyder for coming out and joining me and the many other family and business volunteers.

YES!  is a day-long program held at the middle school level. It consists of a series of activities intended to help students gain an appreciation for the importance that financial and career decisions will play in their lives as young adults.  The program is coordinated by Junior Achievement and involves volunteers who work with the students during the day. Each volunteer is able to share their background with the students as the day proceeds.  The goal of YES! is to inspire students to appreciate the key issues surrounding careers and financial responsibility.