Saint Gobain Project Blog – By: James P. Craft

Project Spotlight: Saint Gobain

On April 17th the office made a site visit to Malvern, PA to the Saint Gobain Job Site for a picnic and a tour with Superintendent Dave Arndt and his 30+ member crew.  The project consists of a total renovation of a 320,000 SF office building which will be the new North American Headquarters for Saint Gobain.

JC&S’s scope of work for the project is comprised of the HVAC for two separate projects within the building, core & shell and Tenant Interiors. The Core and Shell project upgrades the buildings HVAC & Automated Temperature Controls in all common areas and plant. The Tenant Interiors is made up of an entire new layout of the interior HVAC for office space, meeting rooms, data center, fitness area, cafeteria and others. The project included a replacement cooling tower, new roof top unit, new exhaust fans, upgrades to existing indoor air handlers and over 300 Water Source Heat Pumps. The project team is comprised of Mike Kearns & Tim Wolf – Estimators, James P. Craft – Project Manager and Dave Arndt – Project Superintendent. 

The project started in July of 2014 and is currently scheduled to finish in August.

For more information about Saint Gobain you can visit their website here:

For more information about the project you can read this article from

Bell & Evans Project Blog – By: James P. Craft

On Nov. 21st the office made a site visit to Fredericksburg, PA to the Bell & Evan’s Job Site for a Visit with Superintendent Shawn Ely and his crew. The project is a brand new 158,000 SF poultry processing and packaging plant. According to an article on the plant will add 380 new jobs for people in the area.

JC&S’s scope of work for the project is comprised of the plumbing for underground process waste, sanitary and plumbing in general and common areas. The project has over 150 stainless steel floor drains and hub drains to support the plant’s process needs. The project team is comprised of Roger Haugh – Estimator, Jeff Ream – Project Manager and Shawn Ely – Project Superintendent.

The project started in March of 2014 and is currently scheduled to finish in May of 2015.

For more information about the Bell & Evan Company you can visit their website here:

For more information about the project you can read this article from;cck=1

Wyndridge Farms Project Blog – By: James P. Craft

An exciting local construction project is taking shape this summer. Wyndrige Farm in Dallastown, PA is the site of the soon-to-be newest event venue in York County. 

Our estimating team, led by Mike Kearns, secured the plumbing scope of this new event and beverage facility in March. Since then the scope has grown to include plumbing for their bottler equipment, brew house and storage facility.

The day we visited we were greeted by the JC&S man in charge, Jesse Walker. Walker and his team were working on finishing touches for the new trench drains in the floor of the brew house which was schedule to pour that same week. While on-site we had an opportunity to meet the owners Steve and Julie Groff and took a few minutes to tour though some of the existing facilities and also see construction of the barn renovation, new kitchen, restaurant, tasting room and brew house.

We are excited to be a part of this project and thank our project team (Project Manager: Eric Miller & Superintendent: Jesse Walker) for a job well done thus far.

Using the below link you can read more about Wyndridge Farm, and a few more site photos follow as well…

Employee Spotlight:Gale Reeser Blog – By: James P Craft

Employee Spotlight:  Gale Reeser

Position:  Warehouse Manager/CDL Driver

He may not have been the welder installing your steam service or the service technician who repaired your roof top equipment, but behind the scenes at James CRAFT & Son, the chances are pretty good that Gale Reeser played a major role in your project. Whether or not you’re a foreman, superintendent, purchasing clerk, CEO or custodial service person, Gale is helping you accomplish your work. If you are a customer or

vendor, Gale probably took receipt of your equipment and materials and he most likely loaded it on the delivery truck and drove it to your location too. The biggest key to our success at James CRAFT & Son is our people. In this blog I was able to catch up with Mr. Reeser and turn the spot light on him for a little Q&A to find out more about this warehouse manager/ truck driver extraordinaire!

Q: When were you hired?

A: December 8th, 2003.

Q: What’s your job?

A: I check in freight, load the trucks, pull equipment and tools, make the deliveries, assist in rigging at the job sites, make material runs, operate the trucks, fork lift, lull, and bobcat. I help with snow removal…oh and I get the mail as well.

Q: What’s your job experience?

A: I worked for Caterpillar for 28.5 years where I operated the CNC machines, tow motors and working in their shipping department. After Caterpillar I had my own general contracting business where I did remodeling and roof repairs before joining James CRAFT & Son.

Q: What do you like about your Job?

A: The versatility and freedom I’m given. I also like the feeling of not knowing what the next challenge is.

Q: What don’t you like about your job?

A: Working in the elements (Especially this winter).

Q: Where can you be found outside of work?

A: I like to hunt and fish. You’ll most likely find me doing one of those two things at my camp in Clinton County.

Lead Free Blog – By: James P Craft

In early 2014 the Federal Government will be signing into law The Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act as part of the 1974 Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Some states have already adopted this as part of their plumbing code since 2006 (California, New Hampshire, and Vermont). At James CRAFT & Son we have made it policy to install lead free products on all of our projects. And as a leading mechanical contractor we feel it is our duty and responsibility to stay “ahead of the curve” when it comes to new codes and regulations.

We ultimately want our customers in compliance, their end users safe and their systems meeting all applicable codes. Many plumbing product manufacturers have developed new products that meet these codes. These products continue to become more common in the industry and many major manufacturers have specific Lead Free product lines. The construction industry is an ever changing environment and you can expect James CRAFT & Son to be changing with it. For more information on the Lead Free Act and products click on these links.

Design Build Services Blog – By: James P. Craft

James CRAFT & Son, Inc. offers a wide range of services from sheet metal, plumbing, HVAC piping fabrication, installation, ATC controls, design/build, and service. The highlight of this blog is on our design build services. James CRAFT & Son, Inc. serves the greater mid-Atlantic region in industries such health care, manufacturing, commercial & industrial. Our design department is currently staffed with two HVAC and Plumbing Design Professionals, two CAD technicians and one professional engineer offering quality engineering solutions. These engineering solutions paired with our 112 years of quality installation expertise combines for a powerful team that exceeds expectations and out ranks other firms with a one stop shop approach. Our website currently highlights a few of these projects such as…

Kline’s Services – Food2Fuel
Adhesives Research – Process Equipment Expansion
Lancaster City YMCA – Plumbing.

For more information on these services or if you have a facility in need of quality mechanical solutions please give us a call at (717) 266-6629.