On August 13, 2014 we celebrated & honored the life of our mother/grandmother, Gloria J. Craft, who passed from this life to the next on July 30, 2014.  Although she was not “founder” of the company, nor held the position of CEO or President, there’s not one person in our company that did not benefit (directly or indirectly) from her daily contributions.  For a long long time, even well into her 84th year, she was present in our office on a daily basis providing help & support.  Her smiling face and unending encouragement for everyone around her will be greatly missed.  Words alone cannot express our gratitude for her life, and the example she set for us!

The CRAFT Family has been extremely blessed with a rich and proud history…something the current (4th) generation of family management, and the upcoming (5th) generation are committed to continue.  As instilled in us from our predecessors, passing down this heritage of character, integrity, excellence, quality and hard work are paramount to our future success.

We honor and appreciate those who’ve gone before us…you laid the foundation…you paved the way for those of us who follow.

We are proud!

We are grateful!