As a company, James CRAFT & Son has needed to employ service technicians for a long, long time…let’s face it, when it comes to mechanical systems, things can go wrong.  And when they do, owners typically call the installing contractor.  However, it wasn’t until the late 1980’s that we began a more organized & structured “Service Department” within our firm.

Since that time, we’ve learned how to train & certify technicians, how to dispatch service calls, write maintenance agreements, equip service vans with proper tools & equipment, and how to get lots of “little” (relatively speaking) invoices out in the mail.  Today we’re proud of the size and level of sophistication this valuable department has achieved.

Looking back, we’re fortunate to still have some of the same clients today that we began working with all those years ago, and would like to recognize the following who have been loyal to using James CRAFT & Son’s Plumbing & HVAC Service Department for more than 20 years…

Customers like these keep us energized, give us something to look forward to each day, and inspire us to keep providing the “Quality CRAFTsmanship” our valued customers have come to expect from us.