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Political Action Blog – By: Steven Kearns

“Get into politics or get out of business.”

This is a principal that we at James CRAFT & Son, Inc. have subscribed to since the beginning. With the upcoming Presidential election we are reminded just how important it is that we as Americans take an active role in the selection of our elected officials and get our opinions in front of them. Here are a few ways that you can make an impact in the political process:

  • Contact your elected officials! Did you know that the majority of the Pennsylvania and US Congressmen actively engage in social media such as Facebook and Twitter? These are incredibly effective tools for getting directly to your officials. With the modern Smartphone revolution, they are constantly being notified whenever they are mentioned or posted about. If you agree with a vote let them know, if you disagree with a vote let them know, and most importantly if you have an opinion about an upcoming vote LET THEM KNOW! This is a fantastic way to get directly at your officials!
  • Do your research! In today’s day and age, it is so easy for everybody to express their opinions. We see it so much with media today, where celebrities and the officials themselves work to portray a candidate as “cool” or “hip” or in touch with the people. So many people are making their decisions based solely on the opinions of others. Instead of turning elections into a popularity contest, let’s look into the issues that are truly important to each of us! Research the stance of the candidates based on the issues that affect you and use that for the basis of your choice.
  • VOTE! So you decided who you want to win the election? Great! Now go out and do your part to secure your candidate’s victory. Remember, with Pennsylvania’s new Voter ID law, you must provide a valid form of identification upon arrival at your local polling place.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2012.