Putting Technology to Work for You!

Cell phones, laptops, tablets…from a technology standpoint, a lot has changed in the construction industry in the last 10-15 years. Communication is constant and information is now at our fingertips. While there are pros and cons to this from a productivity standpoint, one thing is clear – putting the right technology in the hands of employees allows them to better serve our valued customers.

Here at James CRAFT & Son, we constantly look at ways to put technology to use for our customers. From the addition of our laser layout system to mobile tablets that many of our field personnel now carry, we have always endeavored to remain a leader in the mechanical construction industry. Even now we’re in the midst of a companywide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software upgrade. Upgrading these systems will allow our project teams, service personnel and support staff to have more control over their projects with real-time data at their fingertips. The completion of this project will push James CRAFT & Son, Inc. to the forefront allowing us to better serve our valued customers for many years to come!