It goes without saying, when someone thinks of James CRAFT & Son, Inc. they think about our red trucks. They think about our Service Technicians in their red vans, the field staff that walks through their hospitals or is on the roof of their office buildings. Our field staff is our best form of advertising. Sporting their red hard hats, and company logo t-shirts, their day to day operations are spent outside of our office building. However, did you know that some of our most elite staff members are working behind closed doors?

In our main office in York Haven, eleven of the best and the brightest of their kind are keeping our field staff organized, ensuring our materials are ordered, directing our phone calls, coordinating our paperwork, double checking our pricing and making sure everyone gets paid on Friday. Essentially, they are running the show.

Who are these amazing people? They are our Administrative Team. These eleven ladies know all the ins and outs of our organization. Not only do they know their jobs and do them well, they can help out in other departments too. They greet our customers will smiling faces, answer our phones with professionalism and poise, and always willing to lend a hand when the going gets tough. They are our backbone and we often don’t tell them ‘thank you’ enough.

So, as we recognize Administrative Professional’s Week starting April 22nd, please remember to thank the awesome members of our team. Whether you’re stopping by, giving one of them a call, or sending an email, tell them you appreciate them just as much as we do.

Jill, Chris, Ellen, Missy, Beth, Ruth, Lori, Diane, Tina, Jane and Sherry – Thank you for your hard work, dedication and warm hearts. James CRAFT & Son, Inc. would not be the same without you!