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6 Things to look for in your HVAC Service Contractor

Whether you’re an experienced facilities manager, or the boss just handed you the responsibility of overseeing the building, here are six things to look for in your HVAC Service Contractor…

  1. Experience & Training – “none of us are as smart as all of us”…no one person is expected to know everything on their own, but a good technician is able to find the answers.  It’s vital to have a contractor who’s company culture promotes communication, collaboration & sharing.
  2. 2-Hour Response Time – if it’s “mission critical” to your organization, you’ll want a contractor that guarantees a 2-hour response window.  In this case the location of the contractor’s office isn’t as important as the location of its on-call technicians.
  3. Maintenance Agreements – “take good care of your HVAC systems and they’ll take good care of you”…you’ll need a contractor that puts just as much emphasis on quality maintenance as they do on repairs.  With any mechanical equipment, repairs will be needed, but downtime and inconvenience are greatly minimized when a thorough maintenance program is put in place.
  4. Labor Discounts – many times labor is the most costly part of repairs, so when repairs do become necessary it’s helpful to your budget when your contractor offers discounts on their labor.
  5. Primary Technician Assignments – when it comes to your building few people know it better than you, but the next best thing is to have a contractor who generally sends the same technician each time you have an issue to be addressed.  That familiarity with you, your building, and your people can mean a lot when time is of the essence.
  6. Relationships – building relationships is an important part of just being together on this planet…next to our families, many times work relationships are some of the most significant and meaningful in our lives. Walking/working through life together!
Remember, your contractors reflect on you & your judgement.  Choose a contractor that’s going to make you look good!!