Safety Is Priority

Safety First

A safe working environment is vitally important, both for the welfare of our employees and the good of the Company. For us, safety is not only a legal requirement, but a moral responsibility. Our Safety Program is designed to enlist the full participation of all of our employees and associates to remove hazards from the work place, prevent accidents and to promote job site safety.

The construction industry is relatively hazardous by nature. Because job sites usually involve many employees and subcontractors working together, a safety program requires the full cooperation of everyone on the job if it is to be successful.

Rest assured that support for a safe work place will be offered at every level within CRAFT. 

Standing L to R: Phillip Gregg, Richard Toner, Tory Anderson, Adam Hildebrand, Jim Kann, Tom Craft

Seated L to R: Jessica Craft-Schlosberg, Leah Hoptak, Matt Miller, Leon Goudy

Our Safety Committee is comprised of employees from the field as well as management/office. The committee meets monthly to discuss current safety conditions on jobsites, review any recent accidents or close calls, and works to encourage safe work practices throughout the company.