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CRAFT proudly serves and supports a wide variety of clients within different market segments

Below you’ll find a sampling of the many projects we’ve done


Healthcare and Medical facilities are a critical part of our communities.  James CRAFT & Son has worked in this space for many years helping to construct safe, reliable, sustainable, and affordable facilities that serve the needs of patients throughout our commonwealth and beyond.

From the initial concept to planning, design, construction, completion, commissioning, and maintenance, hospital and medical facilities have gained critical importance in our national economy. While healthcare projects have much in common with other building types (like basic plumbing and HVAC) they also have many unique features such as medical gas systems, specialized medical equipment, as well as advanced safety and ventilation requirements.  In this regard, state-of-the-art codes and standards becomes important to the process – all of which our team is trained and experienced at delivering.

Below you can download project profiles in PDF format.


The Mechanical and Plumbing needs of any building are key requirements for the energy efficiency of modern commercial construction. Since buildings are a major consumer of energy, a reputable and experienced Mechanical Contractor can make a huge difference in meeting the budget, schedule, and efficiency expectations of a project.  These HVAC and Plumbing systems are part of the implementation of commercial construction work that often present unique challenges within a building because of the many factors or variables inherent to these systems.

Owners, project managers, and general contractors know that for a project to be successful, it is necessary to ensure all the mechanical and plumbing systems are integrated seamlessly and efficiently into construction from the beginning.

With in-house design and engineering experience, combined with our state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities, James CRAFT & Son provides any construction team (as well as the end-user) with a finished product they can be confident in AND proud of.

Industrial & Manufacturing

A successful industrial or manufacturing project requires extensive planning to ensure any new or remodeled areas will meet the company’s productivity and safety requirements.  In today’s industrial and manufacturing climate, extended construction time is a luxury that seldom exists, and (most times) it also demands effective execution so facilities can continue operations with little or no interruptions to production schedules

Inviting an experienced and reputable contactor like James CRAFT & Son to be part of the design, planning and delivery of mechanical work within these complex facilities can make a big difference in the successful outcome of the project.


Within the hallowed halls of our precious learning environments, James CRAFT & Son brings the needed expertise to partner with construction teams ensuring a project is completed on schedule, within budget, with quality and safety in mind.  While educators prepare tomorrow’s leaders; we ensure there’s an exceptional and comfortable environment to promote success. The students, administrators and staff rely on well-constructed facilities to perform at their best. James CRAFT & Son consistently delivers the comfort and quality this industry requires.

With several decades of experience in educational environments, we help create a smooth construction process with extraordinary results.  Working with facilities directors and other decision makers, our team ensures that every detail is met when it comes to the comfort and safety of their occupants.

religious & historic

Beautiful and functional houses of worship grace the landscape of our communities and provide needed spiritual environments for those who attend.  While the facility needs of religious organizations are very similar to other buildings, James CRAFT & Son understands the dynamics of churches and faith-based organizations, recognizing there are ongoing adjustments to the congregation and the community which impact them achieving their mission and reaching their goals.

James CRAFT & Son is a family company, firmly rooted in its values, and has proven to not only have the experience and skills needed for your project, but we also have the right people, with the right heart, who demonstrate respect to you and your building when it comes to meeting the mechanical needs of your important facility.

Senior Living

Senior living facilities serve the needs of our aging population and require reliable mechanical systems to support their occupants.  From active seniors to individuals who require assisted living or skilled nursing services, it has always been critical that collaboration take place with facility managers and staff to lay the foundation for the safety and comfort they rightly deserve.

At James CRAFT & Son, we understand the sensitivity needed in the senior care environment. Whether we’re involved with building a new facility, expanding an existing facility, or renovating the spaces of an active building where residents frequent, our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities this market expects, AND how to deliver exceptional quality.