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Back in 1900, Faros Craft started a simple business as a blacksmith and table maker. As was the custom at the time, his son, James W. joined him in business. Time went on and another generation of the Craft family, James E. joined the business. Now, more than 119 years later, the great grandchildren of Faros Craft comprise the management team, and the 5th generation (Faros Craft’s great great grandchildren) are also involved in ownership.

James CRAFT & Son has changed over the last 100+ years, but is still owned and operated by members of the Craft family and dedi­cated to quality CRAFTsmanship and service. That dedication is reflect­ed in the employees, both past and present, who have been instru­mental in establishing James CRAFT & Son as one of the most reliable mechanical contractors in central Pennsylvania. We owe our longevity, our growth and our reputation to the hard work of our 150 employees, who exemplify the vision, mission & values that have enabled us to service customers with excellence for more than a century.

With its headquarters in a state-of-the-art, computerized and automated shop facility, the company continues to offer quality engineering, design and installation capabili­ties. It has expanded into new territories with a presence in Chambersburg, PA and northern Maryland and prides itself in operating as a merit shop.

James Craft & Son, Inc. is still family owned, and contin­ues to expand its capabilities to grow right along with the technological advancements that have enhanced the industry. By incorporating its progressive thinking with employee education and training , the company is able to offer consistent quality and increased value.

Faros Craft - Our Founder
James W. Craft, the second generation owner, stands by a CRAFT service truck.
James E. Craft, the third generation owner.

Historical Timeline

  • Founded in 1900

    Founded in 1900

    Faros started in busi­ness as a black­smith and table maker. Business named Faros CRAFT.

  • New Partnership

    New Partnership

    Faros and James W. formed partnership doing carpentry, tin­- smithing, roofing and painting. Plumbing and heating work was later added. Business renamed Faros CRAFT & Son.

  • York Haven Building

    York Haven Building

    Designed and built York Haven State Bank Building. James E. born.

  • Purchased Ford Truck

    Purchased Ford Truck

    Purchased first red Ford truck (1947); CRAFT trucks have been red Fords ever since. Faros died (1946). Business renamed James CRAFT.

  • First Office

    First Office

    James W. and James E. formed a partnership doing gen­eral construc­tion, plumbing and heating work. The business was renamed James CRAFT & Son, and the company’s first office and warehouse facility was constructed at 127 South Front Street in York Haven, Pennsylvania.

  • Sheet Metal Department

    Sheet Metal Department

    Purchased sheet metal equipment to do sheet metal work for contracts. Business was incorporated. Discontinued residential work. James W. died (1966).

  • Sheet Metal Bldg, Service Dept, 4th Generation

    Sheet Metal Bldg, Service Dept, 4th Generation

    Built sheet metal and maintenance shop building at 127 Falls View Street in York Haven. Started service department. James L. (1976), Vicki (1977) and Fred (1979) joined the company…the 4th generation of CRAFTs.

  • New Facility, Controls Department

    New Facility, Controls Department

    Fire destroyed the company’s warehouse and prefab shop at 60 N. Front Street, paving the way for the company’s brand new, modernized office & shop facility at 2780 York Haven Road. Controls Department formed (1984) and became an authorized dealer of Novar Controls. Thomas joined the company (1987).

  • Major Achievement Awards

    Major Achievement Awards

    Received Project Excellence Awards (1990, 1995). First contractor of Keystone ABC to achieve Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) status (1993/1994). Named Specialty Contractor of the Year (1995). Named Construction Company of the Year (1999) by Associated Builders & Contractors. William joined the company (1992).

  • 100th Anniversary, Growth, 5th Generation

    100th Anniversary, Growth, 5th Generation

    Company celebrates 100th anniversary. Substantial Service Department growth achieved. Company invests heavily in new BIM & CAD technology. The first members of the 5th Generation CRAFTs join the company…Jessica (2007), Steven (2008). James E. died (2008).

  • Sales Rebound,  Technology Investment

    Sales Rebound, Technology Investment

    Record sales and profits achieved following devastating world economic decline. Significant investments made in modern office and mobile field technologies. Nicole & James P. (2012) join the company in the Accounting and Project Management departments respectively. Four members of the 5th Generation CRAFTs fully on-board L to R:  Steven, Nicole, Jessica & James.

The signature red Ford truck that CRAFT is known for dates back to a 1947 red Ford pickup truck which was originally ordered by James W. Craft. Previous to that a 1946 blue Chevrolet was ordered & promised to Faros Craft, but was given to another customer.

1947 Ford Pickup

Why CRAFT trucks are red

Faros and James W. Craft had a blue 1930 Chevrolet truck. Immediately after World War II (Sept, 1945), Faros ordered a new pickup truck from the Chevrolet dealer in Mt. Wolf. He was promised the first Chevrolet pickup truck that came in. Later, James W. ordered a pickup truck from the Ford dealer Beshore & Koller in Manchester.

When the first Chevrolet truck arrived in Mt. Wolf, a blue 1946 pickup, the dealer succumbed to pressure from another customer and sold the truck to them. When the first Ford truck arrived in Manchester, a red 1947 pickup, James W. received it.

That is how “CRAFT” trucks came to be red Fords, instead of blue Chevrolets.