Long term employees, it’s something that every company strives for. Low employee turnover keeps training expenses down and helps develop continuity within the organization. However, with the daily hustle of working in a business, you often forget that many of the people around you have been actively working with the organization for a long time. James CRAFT & Son, Inc. has had an incredible run with maintaining long term employees. In fact, we currently employ 32 individuals who have been with us for at least 15 years and in the past five years have had 10 employees retire with 15 or more years of service under their belts. We are reminded of how lucky we are when we see those long term employees reach that blissful stage in their life that we are all working towards, you know what I’m talking about…RETIREMENT!



Earlier this month we had one more member of our staff join the ranks of those lucky individuals. Ruth Beveridge began her career with James CRAFT & Son back in October of 1989 and worked at various positions in the company throughout her 23 years of employment. In more recent years she settled into a position as a purchasing clerk and did a wonderful job building relationships with our vendors/suppliers and holding down the fort as various individuals transitioned in and out of the purchasing department. We would like to wish Ruth a happy retirement and one last time thank her for her years of service!