They’re up, they’re down…they’re up, they’re down! 

So goes the never ending cycle of fuel prices in our country, and around the world. No surprise, right? We see it every year…gas prices go up around Memorial day, and they slip back down around Labor day. So what else is new? Well, just this…one thing I heard recently (and you may have too) is that consumer confidence in our nation is very closely linked to the rise and fall of gas prices. A recent study revealed “nearly 9 out of 10 consumers say that rising gas prices have a large impact on their sentiment toward the overall state of the economy.” Makes sense to me…next to our household groceries, fuel for our vehicles is probably the most frequent thing we purchase on a weekly basis.

Nonetheless, it’s our responsibility what we think & feel and how we let the latest news affect our mood.

One thing we try to keep in mind at James CRAFT & Son is this…”our mission is to be the leading provider of superior mechanical systems and services, through quality CRAFTsmanship, committed customer service and professional solutions.” With that as our guiding light we strive to look past the news of the day, the fluctuation in consumer (gas) prices, and keep our eyes squarely fixed on taking good care of our customers.