Why does quality matter for your mechanical systems?  Those systems are located behind walls or tucked above ceilings, so why is a quality installation so important?

Glad you asked!

Often overlooked and underappreciated, quality workmanship is an important aspect of mechanical construction projects. Too often the construction industry gets a bad reputation because of the few “bad apples” in the industry who cut corners and don’t stand behind their work. What’s the motivation? Save a few dollars on the front end? What happens after you leave?  Who cares that’s someone else’s problem!

Every specification calls for it, but rarely do customers and customer representatives enforce it. Quality control is a cultural among your organization. Those that find value in quality benefit from lasting systems. Systems that work the way they were intended and end up costing the contractors and customers much less in re-work, damages and headaches.

At James CRAFT & Son, Inc. “Quality CRAFTsmanship” is in the name, it’s how we define what we do compared to others.  And it’s why customers call on us time and time again.  Below are two examples of a quality installation compared to the “lowest bidder”.

Can you spot the problems?

Maybe this will help you look at your next project a little differently when hiring a contractor.