Earlier this month we held our first ever Apprenticeship Signing Day here at James CRAFT & Son.  We spent the afternoon welcoming our newest apprentices and going over the details of their program, which will be starting in just a few short weeks.  This year we have a bumper crop of apprentices, representing three areas of skilled trades: Plumbing Mechanic, Sheet Metal Mechanic & HVAC Technician.

Please join me in welcoming the Class of 2023!

Plumbing Apprentices:

  • David Barth
  • TJ Craft
  • Zachary Hagerman
  • Jonathan Hollinger
  • Nathan Mummert
  • Trenton Potts (non pictured)
  • Lucas Teare
  • Nickolas Young

Sheet Metal Apprentice:

  • Katherine Hoover

HVAC Technician Apprentices:

  • Steven Bach
  • Carmen Duca
Clockwise L to R: Nate Mummert (Plbg), David Barth (Plbg), Steven Bach (HVAC), TJ Craft (Plbg)
L to R: Luke Teare (Plbg), Zach Hagerman (Plbg)
Clockwise L to R: Jon Hollinger (Plbg), Nick Young (Plbg), Carmen Duca (HVAC), Katherine Hoover (Sheet Metal)