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CLN Membership is a Win-Win

Last month I attended the annual meetings of the Construction Leadership Network (CLN) in Tucson Arizona.  Made up of like-minded contractors from across the United States and Canada, this organization focuses on Learning, Sharing and Building among members for purposes of growing together and making our companies (and the industry) better, smarter and more profitable.  Being in a different time zone for several days is always interesting, but the inconvenience of the time change was easily overshadowed by learning new things, exploring new ideas and seeing old friends – not to mention getting a little golf in too. During this years conference I was able to sit in on focus groups and peer discussion groups focusing on…
  • Vision, Culture & Empowerment
  • Delivering A Different Experience
  • Selling Intangibles
  • Secrets to Management Success
  • Business Development
  • Executive Discussions
  • Workforce Development
No matter where in the country it’s held, I find it’s always a worthwhile trip for the knowledge and the networking – and being at a beautiful desert resort in January provided a nice break from our northeast weather. Enjoy these pictures from the trip…