It’s a wonderful time of the year…..

As we gear up for a very busy summer here at James CRAFT & Son it is once again time for us to open up our apprenticeship program and fill our available spaces with men and women who are ready and willing to accept the challenge.

What is an apprentice you ask? Apprentices are men and women who are formally enrolled in our Federally Approved Apprenticeship Program. Apprentices work in their assigned trades while attending classes in subjects related to the trade for a minimum of 144 hours per year, each year of their apprenticeship. Tuition fees are paid by the Company—additional materials paid by the apprentice.

This program is the heart and soul of James CRAFT & Son as many of our current Project Managers, Estimators, Foremen and Lead People once started out in our Apprenticeship Program.  The education and formal training our apprentices gain in this program is second to none!

This year we have openings in our Plumbing/Pipe-fitting Program as well as our Sheet Metal Program. We will be accepting applications from April 18th to April 28th, 2016. Applicants must apply in person and are required to provide the documentation listed below.

  1. Proof of age (copy for our records of birth certificate or similar document).
  2. Copy of High School Diploma or GED Certificate, if applicable.
  3. Transcripts of Last Grade Completed from Guidance Department of school attended.
  4. Proof of Trade Work Experience, if any (letter from employer noting experience).
  5. Form 214 for Veterans applying. Other forms may be needed.
  6. Three Letters of Reference from acquaintances, other than family.

Please note:  documents provided are non-returnable.

For more information about the program, check out the Careers section of our website or call Jessica-Director of Human Resources at 717-266-6629.

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